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Q Am I committed to a monthly or quarterly razor shipment depending on my plan selection?

A NO! While we know you will love our program, just contact us on the contact form and we will accommodate your request and stop any future shipments. You may keep any razors you have on hand. We will never renew your auto-ship without sending you a notification.


Q Can I order additional Bikini Zone Razors before my next shipment arrives?

A YES! If you are on the Monthly Plan, we would treat this request as just moving up your next shipment at no charge. If you selected the Quarterly Plan, we can send you a supply of 4 BZ Razors right away and bill you $7.95 for this request or switch you to the Monthly Plan to better match your shaving needs.


Q Can I switch plans with no extra charges after determining my shaving habits with the BZ Razor?

A YES! Just contact us on the contact form and we will adjust your schedule and payment structure.




What type of razor should I use?

The BZ Razor with its 4 Swedish Stainless Steel Blades will provide you with the closest and smoothest shave while removing hair with fewer passes than razors with fewer blades. This will result in minimizing any nicks, cuts or bumps

What direction do I shave my bikini area? Along or against the hair growth?

This routine typically depends on the person. Most commonly we are told to shave against the hair growth. However, if you are more prone to ingrown hairs shaving against the growth can nick the follicle which almost always leaves a red bump. If at any point a red bump occurs, the Bikini Zone Medicated Crème or Gel provide the instant solutions to any unexpected bumps or irritation.

Should I exfoliate before shaving?

Yes, exfoliation is the perfect way to prep your skin between shaving because it helps to scrub away dead skin cells that leads to annoying ingrown hairs. Our Bikini Zone Exfoliating Gel is a sensitive formula targeted for the bikini area that contains natural fruit extracts and gives you the sensation of sloughing off your dead skin cells upon use.

What’s the best way to get rid of razor bumps?

The Bikini Zone Medicated Gel & Crème products are specially formulated to provide fast relief should razor bumps or irritation might occur after shaving.

What’s the best way to prevent & get rid of ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs often appear on the underarms, legs and bikini area.They can be prevented by exfoliating with our Bikini Zone Exfoliating Gel to get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells or to use an ingrown hair specific ‘post-shave’ product. Our Bikini Zone Exfoliating Pads are soaked with salicylic acid, glycolic acid and witch hazel to help unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs from reoccurring.

Will shaving cause my hair to grow in thicker or darker?

No, shaving does not increase hair thickness or its growth rate. Use the Bikini Zone Hair Growth Inhibitor to reduce the thickness and/or regrowth of unwanted hair after shaving. Clinical data has shown it helps reduce hair density by as much as 45% and hair length by as much as 35%.