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4 bikini zone razors


The Challenge: not all hair is created equal. The female body has a variety of hair types, from silky smooth hair to coarse hair, all that they wish to remove.


Here are three key steps to pain-free grooming:


1.       Start with a sharp disposable multi-blade razor

2.       Use a shave gel that is transparent to provide visibility – know where you’re shaving.

3.       Include a lidocaine based medicated after-shave cream or gel in your shaving regime.


The Razor


For years, women borrowed their partner’s razor to maintain their bikini line. NOT A GOOD IDEA!

The razor that works for his beard is not the razor that works well on your bikini area. If his blade misses the first pass, not a big deal. Worst case he gets a 5 o’clock shadow.


For women, the clear first pass is essential in order to avoid breaking hair follicles and producing that painful ingrown hair or those embarrassing red bumps.


CCA turned to Swedish developers to create a unique 4 blade razor specifically for women. Only available to Club BZ members. The razor utilizes precision Swedish steel and unique “micro blade” technology for clean, smooth removal of the toughest body hair.


Why Disposable?


Very simple, most clinicians recommend disposable razors as a good hygienic practice. What you don’t want is a dull blade or unwanted bacteria from a razor that lies around for weeks as an open invitation to be used by others. But watch out, the biggest enemy to pubic hair removal is a dull blade. Partial removal of broken hair follicles often results in painful ingrown hairs. 

The answer: Throw the razor away after max 3-4 uses.